“I have known John Kennedy as a journalist for [more than] 20 years. In that time I have seen him exercise strong story judgment in his capacity as both a reporter and editor. John has used that strength to cover a wide range of stories including hard news and features. I find that in John’s reporting there is context and detail that isn’t found in the work of others.” | Ron Wilson, Former Host/Producer, CBC News & Former Host, CJOH-TV

“Prior to his move to Toronto, he was associated with our news operation. I have no hesitation in recommending his news judgment, and his sense of knowing where there’s a story, and how to get at it. I also like his ‘news attitude’ — unlike the new grads, he knows and accepts news is happening 24 hours a day, not just on his assigned hours.” | (the late) Max Keeping, Former Vice-President, News & Public Affairs, CJOH-TV/CTV News

“You are one of our best … what you have to say matters.” | Ron Waksman, Former Director, Online & Current Affairs, Global News

“John [has] a strong sense of story, the importance of context, solid news judgment and great contacts. He’s passionate about news and current affairs.” | George Browne, Managing Editor, Globalnews.ca 

“Your great instincts and story telling abilities have catapulted iHeartRadio’s profile in Canada.” | Rob Farina, Former Head of Content, Strategy & iHeartRadio Canada

“You were great to work with and got us some good stuff. Thanks for all your hard work | James Beal, Former US Editor, The Sun

“A job well done! Your copy was great and I really appreciated your help.” | Sarah Arnold, Former Reporter, News of the World

“I’m very happy with your work and positive contributions to fab. I am thrilled to have you as a leader on our team. You are a very visible leader in our community.” | Michael Schwarz, Former Publisher, fab

“You were invaluable.” | Jim Reyno, Former Managing Editor, Metro Toronto

“You have come up with some great ideas. We value your strong work ethic and contribution to Hello! … your contribution is of huge value … [you have] been a fantastic asset to the team…” | Ciara Hunt, Former Editor-in-Chief, Hello! Canada

“It won’t be the same here without your work ethic and witty rejoinders.” | Alison Eastwood, Editor-in-Chief, Hello! Canada

“Along with being credible and articulate, you have a drop dead killer sense of humour.” | Leslie Merklinger, Former Producer, Because I Said So, CHUM Television

“I’ve consistently found him a strong editor to work with. John’s news sense was clear and has remained clear to me.” | Matthew Hays, Journalism Instructor & Freelance Writer

“Such reverence for the truth will serve Kennedy well….” | Gord McLaughlin, Former Columnist, National Post

“A big thank you for all you have done…really appreciate it.” | Kevin Smith, Former Co-Owner, Splash News & Picture Agency

“Thanks for all your hard work. There’s always room for you at Splash.” | Gary Morgan, Former Co-Owner, Splash News & Picture Agency

“You were a definite asset to [canada.com]. ” | Jefferson Darrell, Publicist

“We all thought you were awesome…good luck in the future!” | Kai Hartwig, Former Producer, Moviehead on TMN

“I absolutely think you are a shining example for your community.” | Joel Schumacher, (the late) Director (St. Elmo’s Fire, Batman & Robin, Phone Booth)

“[John] is terrific, and I’ve always enjoyed working with him.” | Lisa Palley, Palley Promotes, Miami

“I’ve always enjoyed working with you and hope we continue to work together in the future.” | Christine Liber, Liberty Ink

“Terrific job!! You are a pleasure to work with.” | George Neary, former VP, Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

“I’ve dealt with John on a number of communications issues and projects, and have enjoyed a level of cooperation, trust and competence from him that has made him a real pleasure to work with. His professionalism, skill, connection to the community and sense of humour are certainly perceived by more than me to be a tremendous asset.” | John Russell, Former Communications Coordinator, Casey House

“I have had several hundred people work for me over the years … John would have to be counted in the top 5. John has lots of experience as an Editor and has shown he understands what we need.” | Halvor Moorshead, Former Publisher, Family Chronicle

“Thank you for having good questions and being fresh. It’s a nice thing.” | Meredith Brooks, Singer/Songwriter

“You did a terrific job and made a lot of important points that far larger publications missed.” | Maureen Orth, Vanity Fair Contributor and Author (Vulgar Favors)

“Kennedy treated his writers with respect and always tried to offer steady work (and a steady pay cheque).” | Thomas Corless, Former Contributor, fab, in a letter published in Xtra

“Thanks for a great interview!” | Jenny McCarthy, Actress

“You’re funny. I didn’t think I could laugh today.” | Tina Sinatra, Producer

“The article was really good. It was one of the key ones for the press kit. It was very funny. You have a good style.” | (the late) Bob Smith, Comic and Author

“Congratulations on a very impressive start to what I hope will be a long, successful and satisfying career in the newspaper game. I was impressed by your stuff … and I look forward to seeing your name up in lights some day.” | Geoff Johnson, Former Columnist, Ottawa Sunday Herald, in 1987